12 Youthpass can be seen as a crucial tool for youth workers, as they can do their work on an international level helping various young people to navigate the digital world. Youthpass can be viewed as a digital tool. Youthpass supports the recognition of youth work and nonformal learning across Europe. Using Youthpass with youth workers can allow them to access self-assessments which can be a valuable addition to their professional portfolio. It highlights their international experience in the field and their acquired competencies. In conclusion, it can be employed as a tool for youth workers to upskill and motivate them to incorporate digital practices into their training with young people (Youthpass, 2022). Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash Top Tips Useful Tip #1 Take a Digital Skills Test to test your competency in this area: Useful Tip #2 Explore a variety of online sites, platforms, etc. to build your digital literacy skills. Additional resources • Tips and tricks to make writing a self-assessment a piece of cake • Let's talk about Youthpass • Petra: My Youthpass Experience