54 6. To adjust the start/end positions of a clip, grab the left/right edge of it and drag it 7. To add text and titles, use the Title menu located in the main menu of OpenShot 8. Click on the Export Video icon at the top of the screen after your final preview Shotcut is a great free and OSS alternative for editing your videos. It also includes beginners’ tutorials that can make your effort a lot easier. You can watch them at the following link: LimeSurvey LimeSurvey is an OSS used by educational institutions and NGOs to conduct surveys and is also free. In particular, it enables users to create and publish online surveys, collect responses, create statistics, and export the results to other applications. Here you can find in detail the steps you can go through to begin your journey with the LimeSurvey. In general, you should undertake the following steps: 1. Sign up for free 2. Create your LimeSurvey site 3. Select to create a new survey 4. Create a question group, which allows you to group questions together 5. Create a question by adding it to the group 6. Add sub questions or predefined sets of answers if needed 7. Organise your questions 8. Activate your survey 9. Go to your homepage and copy your survey URL 10. Share your survey URL with the participants It should be noted that LimeSurvey requires a lot of time and effort to fully understand and effectively use its features. Be sure that you have devoted the required time before using it with youth.