61 Open-Badges Framework What is an Open Badge? Open Badges are portable digital badges which can be verified, therefore, providing a clear certification of a certain skill or competence. Open Badges can be awarded via different online platforms, most prominently Learning Management Systems like Moodle. Open Badges verify that certain knowledge, skills, or competences were acquired through a course with a specific number of hours or learning input. The badges are then awarded digitally and can be provided in different settings and platforms, notably out of formal education and the workplace. Open Badges are usually awarded by schools, universities, learning institutes, non-formal education organisations (e.g., non-profit organisations), and government agencies. In some cases, they are also awarded by libraries, event organisers or community centres, depending on whether they offer courses for further development. The process of creating an Open Badge • How to earn Open Badges Provide a learning opportunity, challenge or experience with a final assessment at the end Create a badge according to the learning standard (number of hours, learned content, acquired skills, etc.) Award the badge once criteria was fulfilled