63 Reflection and Validation Reflection is an important part of every learning process. Whether it be in our daily lives, reflecting on our past actions and improving for the future, or whether it is a reflection exercise after having learned something in a classroom setting. Through reflection, learners achieve an insight into other people’s perspectives, receive additional knowledge and awareness of a topic and can reflect on what they have learned or what they still need to explore more. Reflection also supports the trainers and teachers in evaluating their learners and their own practices, to realise what methods work (better) with their students and how fast their progress is. Advantages of reflection for learners Advantages of reflection for teachers and trainers • More motivation to learn as their feedback is taken into consideration for the future • Improved connection with teachers • Highlights the learned content and progress of each learner • Improved critical thinking • Better awareness of professional growth and development • Fostering of innovation: receiving feedback for their teaching and specific methodologies, enables the trainers to adapt and develop their practices further and into new directions • Improved connection with learners