3 Introduction This handbook aims to support and educate youth workers to advance their competencies and consequently fill the existing gaps in Digital Youth Work. The Digital Training package has been developed in line with the feedback and suggestions acquired from focus groups conducted in each partner country, namely Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, and Spain. From the results of the findings in each country, the handbook and blending learning modules have been designed to address the needs of the Youth Work Sector. From the focus groups and interviews completed in each partner country, the Digital Youth consortium was able to determine the requirements and gaps that exist within present youth work provision. Participants from the four partner countries reported that the contents of the Digital Youth Training package should concentrate on the following topics: • Digital Tools and Platforms – Communication, Collaboration, and Personalised Learning • How to Foster Digital Competences and Skills • Implementing inclusive, equitable, and quality lifelong learning opportunities • Safe Use of Digital Technologies in Youth Work – Digital Citizenship • Creating Digital Resources • Media Literacy The Digital Training Package will: • Be self-paced and easy to read • Comprehensive yet practical • Provide step-by-step examples The Digital Youth Training Package will equip youth workers with training materials that expand their competencies and digital literacy skills. This will guide youth workers on how to competently use and create their own digital resources for service within their training provision. The Youth Worker’s handbook will focus on: • Digital Youth Work • Overview of the Digital Competences Framework • Examples of Digital Youth Work • Case Studies and Selected Tools • Linking the Youthpass to Digital Youth Work