30 Top Tips Useful Tip #1 To develop the young groups’ digital competences, use the assessment and guidance questionnaire prepared on the basis of DigComp. This can be a diagnostic (beginning), formative (ongoing), and summative (final) assessment, to measure young people’s performance against the desired outcomes. Useful Tip #2 Develop your digital competences for and through the learning experiences you design. Consult the SELFIEforTeachers questionnaire to self-assess your competencies and see the recommended next steps you can take to elevate your practice. Useful Tip #3 To improve your competences, set personal goals in line with the set of knowledge, skills and attitudes required for (international) youth work, as they are defined in the Youth Work Portfolio and Youth Work Competence framework by SALTO-YOUTH. Set SMART goals, plan a strategy to achieve these (e.g., attending training or courses to develop the respective skills) and monitor your progress throughout (e.g., through journaling and self-reflection).