31 Digital Tools and Platforms Tools to foster digital competences and skills Image: In this section you can find a variety of applications and webpages for upskilling youth workers' digital competences. Digital competence was recognized by the European Commission as one of eight key core competences for lifelong learning. Digital competence defined as a combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes with regards to the use of technology to perform tasks, solve problems, communicate, manage information, collaborate, as well as to create and share content effectively, appropriately, securely, critically, creatively, independently and ethically. In a world that is fasting changing, all the ways of communication and learning pass to the digital era. It is very important the youth workers of the present and the future to be adaptive and able to learn new skills and use the technology in order to be more efficient and more effective. Young people need to be flexible to a new labour market and in everyday interaction, with quickly changeable skills. Digital competences, e-skills and knowledge are essential for youth, and creating new possibilities for people and organizations everywhere by connecting them to the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.