45 decision-making processes). Presentation Resources PowerPoint presentation slides, recorded computer screen activities with audio or annotated explanations, recorded lectures with a voice-over and slides, or online tutorials can be explicitly used to instruct some of the content that learners should remember (e.g., instructions on issues to consider when deciding, on how to act in a situation, on how to execute a certain algorithm or descriptions of a procedure/strategy). Practice Resources Educational games, puzzles, quizzes, and drill and practice question items (such as flashcards) can be used in order for learners to practise certain procedures while receiving feedback (e.g., practise the application of a rule or a required action based on an emerging event or incident as well as practices that allow learners to dismantle and assemble a certain system, exploring its components, or interact with a virtual character and negotiate a solution). Concept Representation Resource Representation of disciplinary concepts from a curriculum that allows the learner to manipulate its properties, parameters and relationships and explore relevant information related to a concept. Properties, parameters, and relationships are displayed in depictive and descriptive ways with various modes or representations such as textual, numerical, pictorial, graphical, animated, auditory, video, special effect etc. (e.g., representations that allow learners to explore if-than or cause-and-effect scenarios or guide in diagnosing a problem and proposing a solution). Data Display Resources Interfaces with integrated scenarios, where learners can collect data in an authentic context, for example, by using simulations of data measurement tools and instruments to capture data from an environment (e.g., realistic scenarios that provide some variables that can be captured and used in the rule to solve a problem or allow the collection of data in order to solve a problem or view the effects that it has, as well as data that are used to make a decision by providing indicators).