51 • Learning objective: It is not mandatory; however, setting your learning outcomes can help you define the narrative structure of the game and determine the types of locks and the appropriate puzzle types. • Final resolution: After completing the game successfully, participants can be rewarded with “Congratulations” notes or digital badges. • Location: A simple and free online website or document that serves to house the game, such as Google forms Blank Quiz. You can visit Tom’s Mullaney digital breakouts here in order to learn more by watching tutorials and reviewing different template forms for free. Slide Presentation Even though Slide Presentations are a vital part of Digital Youth Work, the desired level of effectiveness is not always achieved. The main principles to follow are keep it short and simple, accuracy, brevity, and clarity (Olawale & Olawale, 2014). Try to write in point form instead of complete sentences and include 4-5 points containing 8-10 words per slide, as details can always be delivered verbally (ibid). Wordiness will not keep the interest of the participants alive during your presentation, so the target is 1-2 slides per minute. Regarding the fonts, use only those that are easy to read, such as Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, Sans, Gothic, Tahoma, or Verdana. Furthermore, use different size fonts for main and secondary points. In order for the participant to be able to read the text, use a font size of at least 18 (18-32 for body text and 36-44 for heading). Moreover, use colour fonts that contrast sharply with the background and avoid using a different colour for each point (only to emphasise if needed). In order to reinforce an argument, use diagrams, charts, images, or other visuals (Püschel, n.d.). In the charts, tables, diagrams, and pies prefer to eliminate non-data ink such as gridlines, distracting colours, and shading (Olawale & Olawale, 2014). It is also important to incorporate SmartArts to show conceptual relationships between ideas. In the conclusion section, summarise only the main point, as this is what your audience will remember. Do not forget to add sources, references, and acknowledgements. In this link, you can find more details on creating professional layouts in PowerPoint for Microsoft. Visit Slides Carnival if you want to download free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes.