56 Competences, Validation and Recognition Digital Citizenship What is Digital Citizenship? Digital Citizenship describes the responsible and competent use of digital technologies (computers, smartphones, the internet, etc.) to interact with society. This means Digital Citizenship does not necessarily entail a detailed knowledge of computers or programming or anything of the kind. Even a simple phone call via smartphone counts as digital interaction. Sending an instant messenger text to someone, using Google to research the best cake recipe, consulting GPS systems to find a new restaurant that just opened; all this counts as tasks that can highlight Digital Citizenship. Because as the definition says, it is not just using the digital technologies, it is using them in a responsible and competent way. To understand Digital Citizenship fully, it is essential to understand that there are various aspects to it. Digital Citizenship is not just one field of activity but covers several topics and areas: Access Online Commerce Communication and Empathy Digital Literacy Online Rights and Laws Health and Safety Security