57 There are online tools where you can test your skills and competences in all these areas. • Digital Skills Assessment by the European Union • Digital Competences Wheel Access Despite rising digitalisation worldwide, some people have little to no access to digital technologies. They do not frequent computers, smartphones or even the internet. While for some that may seem impossible nowadays, it is a way of living without the risk of digital stress. To talk about Digital Citizenship, it is vital that people do have access to digital technologies, to even learn how to use them safely and responsibly. If someone does not have access to digital means, there are other ways to access and learn about digital technologies: • Community and youth centres: They usually provide a few computers or ways to access the internet, as well as courses to improve digital skills • Family and friends: It is also a good recommendation to ask family and friends to borrow a computer or phone if necessary for specific tasks which must be done online. • Computer cafes and copy shops: Some countries and cities have centres and copy shops where you can pay to access a computer and the internet for some time, as well as print out documents if necessary. In case you are using a public place to access the internet, e.g., a community centre, do keep in mind that this is a public connection. Do not access any sources or sites that might include your personal and confidential information, e.g., bank sites. Commerce Commerce focuses on digital interaction regarding money and sales. Whether it is because someone is doing online shopping, or because someone is selling some of their belongings online. Digital commerce includes online shopping and sales, as well as money interactions online and how important safety and security for money interactions are. There are some sites which are deemed more reliable than other shopping sites. While it is a clever idea to check on these sites first before buying from a less known, more suspicious site, there are also a few blind spots when interacting there. • Check thoroughly what you are planning to buy