58 • Compare the price to other sites to see if the price is fair and makes sense • Where is the product shipped from? • If you found the product via promotion, is the online shop listed as an official seller? • Always get pictures of the product and check if they look genuine • Be aware of how you are paying for the product: Amazon account, PayPal, Credit Card If the payment method seems new and unfamiliar to you, do some research about it online before buying anything Communication and empathy Interacting online and via digital technologies is different from interacting in person. It starts with phone calls where you do not see someone face-to-face, therefore you need to interpret their tone and what they are saying. When interacting on the internet, many communicate with others via comments and written chats, meaning you also lose the voice factor and can only interpret the written sentence. Therefore, it is not only important for the receiver of a message to show empathy and understanding regarding different interpretations of messages, but also the sender in regard to how their message could be understood in a unique way than they intended. Another way to clarify how specific messages are meant are emojis and pictures or GIFs. At the same time, an overuse of them may lead to additional misunderstandings. Therefore, a responsible and empathic sight of messages and use of emojis is necessary. Digital Literacy Digital Literacy is a big point of discussion nowadays. It defines the ability to learn and to know how to use technology and access information online. Using basic digital technology, e.g., using a mouse, knowing how to effectively use search engines; all this falls into the category of digital literacy. Furthermore, it also focuses on the ability to identify reliable information online and be able to separate reliable from fake information. • How to separate accurate data from fake information online Online Rights and Laws The chapter of online rights and laws centres on the laws and rules of the internet. It is not necessary to know all laws applying to the internet, as it is used for many purposes, but this section requires a general knowledge of rights and laws. What are Terms and