Digital Youth

Preparing Youth Workers
for a Digital World


Aim & Objectives

Digital Youth aims to empower and support youth workers to develop their digital skills and knowledge, in order for them to be able to effectively engage in digital youth work.

Additional Objectives:

  • Promote the importance of Digital Youth Work in the partner countries and Europe
  • Build the competencies of youth workers to use digital tools in youth work
  • Develop quality resources for digital youth work
  • Improve the overall quality of youth work conducted in the participating countries.
Aims and Objectives


A Digital Youth Training Package: A practical Digital Youth Training Package was developed to support youth workers to advance their digital competences and digital literacy skills. Focus groups took place in each partner country prior to the development of the package, to ensure that the results match the needs and challenges of youth workers in regard to the incorporation and use of digital tools in their work. The Digital Youth Training Package is comprised of:

  • an interactive handbook for youth workers and
  • three online learning modules.
  • a collection of Open Educational Resources (OERs)

An e-learning platform and digital learning resources:Development a Web 2.0, mobile responsive e-learning platform. The platform will be a one-stop-shop providing instant access to the full suite of the Digital Youth learning resources. It will serve as the website of the project and will host and provide access to its results as well as make available 50 Open Educational Resources. The platform will feature gamified characteristics for trainers.

Policy and Practice Recommendation, Case Studies and Good practices: A comprehensive report to document lessons learned as well as good examples and practices in the field, and policy and practice recommendations.



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