Press Release: Digital Youth

Working with young people is already challenging enough: new trends, different upbringing, various opinions. Working digitally is its own challenge altogether: how to make people participate? How to not make a simple lecture but create an interactive exercise? How to not make the screen freeze?

Combining the two and making it work, is the goal of the Digital Youth project since 2021. The project mixes digital work with youth work, and has committed itself to producing a guide and e-learning content that teaches professionals in youth work how to make engaging content for their lessons, and sessions.

The project includes the efforts of various organisations from Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, and Spain, therefore including insight from all these countries. Thus, the partners created the expected guide and learning content, inviting all youth workers, educators, counsellors, and trainers to explore the results on the project website,, and to create an interactive and motivating learning environment for the young people in Europe.

Because we all need to adapt to the new digital age, its benefits, and the challenges that come with it. Together we can overcome and engage in a new age of digital youth work.

Further information can be found on the project website: or via the Spanish partner: Consultoría de Innovación Social,