Press Release: Multiplier Event in Ireland

The Rural Hub successfully hosted the Digital Youth Multiplier Event at Cavan Crystal Hotel on December 9, 2023. Attended by 30 Transition Year (TY) teachers, educators, and youth workers, the event focused on elevating digital skills and promoting digitalisation within the youth work sector.

During the event, participants had the opportunity to explore the Digital Youth Project, designed to equip youth workers with essential digital skills for effective engagement in the digital world. The event showcased the Digital Youth Training Package, and the Blended Learning Modules accessible on the Digital Youth eLearning Platform. This provided participants with a comprehensive view of available tools for digital youth work.

Attendees engaged in roundtable discussions, sharing insights on conveying the importance of digital youth, identifying essential digital skills for youth workers, and integrating digital tools with traditional youth work methods. This event allowed youth workers and those working within the sector to exchange knowledge on digital tools and platforms, fostering collaboration and inspiring the creation of tailored digital resources for young people.