Press Release: Multiplier Event in Spain

On the 30th of November 2023, the Consultoría de Innovación Social, operating from Torre del Mar, conducted a local multiplier event with the Centro Cultural La Llave in Málaga. The event was attended by various professionals in the fields of youth work, as well as students in the field of ICT skills and education.

During the event, the organisation promoted the project’s results, including its e-learning platform and learning content, its manual on digital youth work and the policy and recommendations paper which features more information on the project and its suggestions for improving youth work in the future.

The event received good feedback from the participants, highlighting the ease of availability and navigation to the platform, and praise for the materials on introducing new and easy online tools that can turn a boring online lecture into an engaging learning experience, inducing the active participation of everyone attending and improving the learning process.

The Digital Youth project features partners from Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, and Spain and will finalise around the end of 2023.

Further information can be found on the project website: or via the Spanish partner: Consultoría de Innovación Social,