Press Release: PR2 Trainings – Implementation in Ireland

The Digital Youth project recently completed its pilot implementation of the innovative Digital Youth eLearning Platform and Digital Learning Resources, marking a significant milestone in advancing digital skills among youth workers and promoting engaging learning experiences. The pilot implementation comprised two training sessions held in Cavan, Ireland, and Virginia, Ireland, on the 3rd and 25th October 2023, respectively. The events aimed to introduce participants to the Digital Youth project, providing them with an opportunity to explore the eLearning platform and Digital Learning Resources.

The first training was attended by 13 participants, including youth workers and aspiring social workers. The second event, attended by 12 regional youth workers, showcased varying levels of digital literacy. The diverse mix of participants promoted the exchange of best practices and valuable advice among the groups. Participants’ feedback emphasised various positive aspects of the platform, including the variety of digital tools, best practice examples, digital skills self-assessment, and engaging evaluation methods. Many participants commended the platform’s accessibility, self-paced nature, and real-world relevance, making it suitable for individuals with different levels of tech-savviness and busy schedules!