Press Release: PR3 Focus Group in Ireland

The Digital Youth project recently completed its PR3 Focus Group online in Ireland, bringing together 10 youth workers and trainers for a dynamic discussion on challenges faced in youth work and the implementation of digital youth work initiatives. The two-hour session explored diverse perspectives and insights from participants with varying levels of experience.

Facilitated online, the PR3 Focus Group delved into the goals of the Digital Youth project, providing an overview to the 10 participants. Outreach to these individuals, representing various youth organisations, was conducted through email. The mix of participants included those already familiar with the project and others new to its concept, creating an engaging and diverse online discussion.

The participants engaged in an engaging discussion, addressing main challenges in youth work and digital youth work implementation in Ireland, identifying challenges such as a lack of resources, the changing technological landscape, and online safety concerns. The insights gained from this focus group will inform the Digital Youth Project’s ongoing initiatives, ensuring that digital youth work remains inclusive and addresses the specific challenges faced by youth workers in Ireland.